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Why buy a property in Greece?

A short little 'fun' story for you...

When God finished creating the world he called upon all nations to visit his office from 8 am to 5 pm to allocate them their respective countries.

Right on the dot, the English were first at the head of the queue, followed closely by the Germans and so on and so on. By 5 pm God gave all the countries away.

The Greeks were nowhere to be seen.

By 6.30 pm God hears a knock on the door. He opens it and there in front of him, a Greek was standing.


God said: “What do you want?”

Greek: “I want my piece of land.”

God: “You are too late. I gave everything away. None is left.”

Greek: “But God, you promised me.”

God: “You should have come on time as the others did, why didn’t you, who do you think you are?”

Greek: “I am your child. You made me the way I am. It is not my fault I am late. I was at the bouzouki bar last night and went  to bed in the early hours this morning and I was very late to wake up.”

God: “It is not my problem.”

Greek: “Oh?… It is not mine either. When you were making me, you gave me this soul. You made me the way I am.”

God thought for a while………….And then he said: “Ok…you scoundrel, there is a piece of land, not very large. It is mountainous and is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The land also has many islands, my favourite one is called Alonnisos. They do not produce very much, they don't have many resources.

I was saving this land and islands for myself, for my retirement. If you want it you can have it, but never complain I didn’t give you much. Go and do your best from it.”


The moral of the story:

God was saving Greece for himself but gave the land fit only for Gods to the Greeks.

And ever since everybody wants a piece of this Godly land.


Come…..come and keep company with the people that enjoy the land of the gods, even for a while. Enjoy God's land for yourself, even if is just for a little part of your life… 

A beautiful sunrise showing orange sky and the islands around Alonissos, Greece.
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